Your Journey at Canada ICI

A place to grow, to contribute to a team, and be supported.

A place to develop into a leader and help mentor our leaders of tomorrow
You will help shape the Canadian commercial real estate landscape.

You might not know it yet, but we do.

We’ve grown, learned, and evolved.

Canada ICI came to be in 1995, and over the years, we’ve intentionally set our vision and aligned the firm with goals that nurtured both personal and professional life. It wasn’t about growth for the sake of growth. It became about creating a purposeful culture. 

Entrepreneurial with a young, fresh outlook on business, we chose to work with freedom, to work with friends, and to develop our expertise by learning from each other. We would do it our way, and we would eventually succeed.

Market Makers in the Making

Here’s what it takes to be a “market maker.”

  • Be living proof. Each of us has built a successful career in an environment where we help one another achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Succeed (and fail) together. We work together as a team, celebrating each other’s wins, whether as individuals or contributors, and learn together from our failures.
  • Reject bureaucracy. Our corporate structure is flat, not top-down. It’s based on mentorship, support, and giving back to the culture more than you take
  • Do more, learn more. Because we do more deals than any other firm in the country, we learn faster here than anywhere else.

Current Openings

Let’s chart your course together in the direction of personal, financial, and professional fulfillment. Build your community, reputation, and leadership skills with us. It’s your move