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A Relationship That Works

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A Relationship That Works

Investor Profile:

A Western Canadianbased and emerging Schedule 1 chartered bank with a mandate to develop and grow a sustainable, low-risk commercial loan portfolio, including mortgages diversified by asset class and region.     

Canada ICI Mandate:

Responsible for sourcing, advising, administering, and servicing approximately 30% of this investors commercial mortgage portfolio which consists of construction, bridge, term, and land development financing.

Current Status:

Canada ICI has played a key role in enabling this investor to grow its exposure to high-quality construction, bridge, and term financing throughout Canada over the past five years. Canada ICI maintains an active role in the structuring and management of new loans while the investor maintains full autonomy and control over the credit approval process.

Investor Quote:

When we set out to establish the foundation for the commercial division at our bank, one of the first groups I thought of was the team at Canada ICI.  They have played a key role in helping us achieve both the diversification and the risk profile within the commercial mortgage portfolio that we were seeking.  They have provided us with quality opportunities across the country and have introduced us to several financial partners with risk profiles that align with ours. 

Since we have a single administration office, the pace at which the loan portfolio has grown would not have been possible without the knowledge and experience of the people at Canada ICI.  Additionally, the administrative support we receive from their servicing department provides us with the ability to grow and to manage a loan portfolio that is much larger than if we had been completing these tasks in-house.  The relationship with ICI, on both the brokerage and loan administration sides, is one that is highly valued by our organization and is one I hope continues far into the future.”

For more information, get in touch with the Asset Management Group at Canada ICI.