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Craving Opportunity

Life Company Seeks to Increase Deal Volume


Craving Opportunity

Investor Profile:

One of Canada’s largest and most iconic life companies. 

Canada ICI Mandate:

ICI’s Asset Management Group strives to increase the visibility of deal flow across Canada.  One goal was to become more competitive on deals requiring less conservative loan to value ratios. 


As one of Canada’s most prolific term lenders, this life company wanted to increase deal volume across all major asset classes and markets across Canada.   As a strategic initiative, the company looked to partner with Canada ICI’s Asset Management Group on structured financing solutions where ICI would fund B-Notes behind the primary financing or structured loan sharing agreements as one commercial loan offering to the client.

Canada ICI was also instrumental in collaborating to develop a commercial construction program which was a completely new product for the life company.

Investor Quote:

Canada ICI is currently our firm’s largest mortgage origination/servicing relationship in Canada, and this relationship has certainly assisted our in-house origination team in surpassing its annual volume objectives over the years.

Canada ICI has brought creative solutions such as BNotes complementing our ANote financing preference saving loan opportunities that would have otherwise been lost to the market.

The relationship developed over the years has generated a mutual trust and respect allowing the opportunity to share valuable market information and insights from a national perspective … a competence which is very much appreciated in challenging times to assist in making prudent decisions.”

For more information, get in touch with the Asset Management Group at Canada ICI.