AMG Case Studies

Sharpening the Blade

Financial Institution Gains Access to Deals and to Local Market Expertise


Sharpening the Blade

Investor Profile:

A multinational public sector financial institution with over $40B in annual revenue.

Canada ICI Mandate:

To grow the exposure to highquality commercial real estate loans starting only with term deals across country.  As a Canadian subsidiary of a foreign bank, they wanted to increase their opportunities to compete for highquality commercial term investments in the Canadian landscape.


This is an extremely wellcapitalized financial institution with an appetite for term debt which would compete with “life company” type assets and pricing.   Typical of strong financial institutions, they are highly competent in financial evaluation; however, they rely more heavily on Canada ICI for deal access and local market real estate knowledge as well as for specific asset class underwriting.   This financial institution has found the Canada ICI relationship invaluable specifically in dealing directly with any loan amendment requests that have occurred in their managed portfolio, especially related to COVID-19.

Investor Quote:

Canada ICI is our most trusted and valuable connection in the Canadian commercial real estate market.   We find their credit risk assessment to be very compatible with our own and their knowledge of the sector to be superb.   We have greatly benefitted as an institution from our strong relationship with Canada ICI; we know if a deal comes to us from them and is managed by them that we are in the best hands possible.

For more information, get in touch with the Asset Management Group at Canada ICI.