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  • Bachelor of Commerce - MacEwan University
Asset Management Group

Cameron Troppmann



Cameron joined Canada ICI in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from MacEwan University. He uses his skills and knowledge to underwrite loan packages and analyze
risk on mortgages.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because it allows me to gain insight into an interesting topic, develop professionally and make a real impact on the world by creating new opportunities for lenders and borrowers.

I believe the keys to success are a constant willingness to continue learning, put oneself forward, and search for new ways to create value for oneself and others.

What I find fascinating is the culture Canada ICI has created to make its business work, including its processes, protocols, relationships with other companies, and its own warm and
open office etiquette.

What I like most about working at Canada ICI is the people, all of whom display stellar character and provide an example of excellence in their own way.

My personal core values are integrity, diligence, and a willingness to reciprocate the goodness and efforts of others which is reflected in my approach to teamwork.