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Mortgage Experts

Erica Beattie

Mortgage Analyst


Erica Beattie is entering her fourth and final year of her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta, majoring in accounting with a minor in finance. This past year, she had the opportunity to pursue her interest in environmental economics through a position as a research assistant at the Centre of Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment of the Alberta School of Business.

Canada ICI will be her first commercial real estate finance position. She is excited to learn more about the industry alongside a great group of experienced professionals.

I joined CICI because of the opportunity to work among highly experienced professionals and expand my knowledge of the commercial real estate industry.

I believe the keys to success are determination, perseverance, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

I am motivated by the inspiring people around me, including my professional mentors, peers, professors, family, and friends.

I am looking forward to learning and working with a great team!

My personal core values are loyalty, respect, and integrity.


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