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  • Bachelor of Commerce – University of Alberta
Mortgage Experts

Matthew Feigel

Mortgage Analyst


Matthew Feigel joins Canada ICI as a graduate from the University of Alberta with a bachelor of commerce degree specializing in finance and with a certificate in real estate. Throughout his time at Canada ICI, Matthew has developed extensive knowledge in financial real estate analysis and debt structuring, along with the ability to identify deal-specific risks. Matthew works as an analyst where his primary responsibilities include underwriting, performing market research, and creating financial packages across all asset classes. These tasks are accomplished through investment analysis of financial modelling, operating statements, and third-party reports.

Matthew has this to say about his role at Canada ICI:

I like working in commercial real estate finance because it is a unique area of alternative investment that provides the opportunity to work closely in all asset classes while adapting to current market conditions.

Working at ICI has taught me that attention to detail and organization is extremely vital, and will contribute to your success in the role. These two skills, combined with the ability to effectively manage your time, will bring you great success not only at work but in life.

I believe the keys to success are adaptability, consistency, and modesty.

My strengths are my work ethic and curiosity as I am motivated by the opportunity to learn continuously.

What I like most about working at CICI is the competitive mindset that runs throughout the organization that allows for a culture of excellence to be preserved.


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