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  • Bachelor of Commerce - Finance Major - Real Estate Finance Minor - Concordia University
Mortgage Experts

Olivier Nolet

Mortgage Analyst


Olivier Nolet joined Canada ICI in 2022 while completing his bachelor’s degree in finance at Concordia University, minoring specifically in real estate finance. Olivier underwrites loan packages, conducts market research, and assists originators with every step of the process.


I joined Canada ICI because I love real estate finance and would love to continue learning about the industry.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because it is exciting and unpredictable and brings new twists every day.

I believe the keys to success are good communication, dedication and, most importantly, teamwork.

If you ask about me, my colleagues would say I am personable, positive and a great teammate.

I am looking forward to learning more and more about real estate development and mortgage analysis.


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