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Certifications and Memberships

  • Construction Financing - Urban Land Institute
  • Mechanical Engineering - Carleton University
Mortgage Experts

Ryan Tinafar

Mortgage Analyst


With a robust background in financial analysis and a passion for real estate markets, Ryan brings a comprehensive analytical approach to mortgage underwriting and risk assessment. His previous roles in commercial real estate have equipped him with a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of the economic factors that influence property values and investment decisions.

Ryan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University in 2009. Since then, he has dedicated himself to expanding his expertise in commercial real estate through a series of professional certificates, ensuring he stays at the forefront of industry knowledge and best practices. Most recently, Ryan completed the Urban Land Institute’s Construction Financing Course, adding to his comprehensive skill set in commercial real estate finance and investment.

I joined CICI because I wanted to be part of a team that leads with innovation and integrity in the commercial real estate finance industry.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because it allows me to analyze complex Investment opportunities and contribute to the financial success of our client’s portfolios.

I believe the keys to success are continuous learning, adaptability, and collaboration with knowledgeable peers.

Working at CICI has taught me the Importance of meticulous due diligence and the value of establishing long-term client relationships.

I am proud of the comprehensive market report I developed in my first month, which received a commendation from our senior analysts.


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