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Sanja Bislimovic

Senior Mortgage Underwriter


Sanja joined Canada ICI in 2022, bringing over 12 years of commercial underwriting and funding experience. She has a proven ability to manage the interests of different stakeholders and assess a wide range of factors regarding risk in various types of mortgage transactions and the securities involved.

As a Senior Mortgage Underwriter, Sanja assists in structuring, underwriting loans across all asset classes, and ensuring successful execution and funding.

I believe the keys to success are having a growth mindset, managing expectations, and communicating with clarity.

I am motivated by the feeling of progress. Having a clear picture of how to move forward in the smallest of steps, in the most effective way, to achieve my goals.

My personal core values are authenticity, dependability, and integrity. Finding common ground and developing mutually advantageous solutions is the best way to ensure future success.


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