May 2, 2018

Making Markets

Since Canada ICI’s inception, an entrepreneurial spirit, a culture of ingenuity, and putting oneself in our borrower’s or investors’ shoes has been at the core of the company’s philosophy. This attitude largely explains the seismic expansion Canada ICI has undergone to become Canada’s premier commercial real estate financing firm, from relatively simple beginnings as a boutique mortgage origination firm.

Managing Partner Brandon Kot recently spoke about how Canada ICI became an effective advisor to their clients. “We listen first, then we put ourselves in the shoes of our investor and borrower clients. It sounds simple, but it’s lacking in the industry,” Brandon says. “Neither borrowers nor investors want to be put in a box, but that’s what many firms do, and it’s because having an entrepreneurial mindset isn’t aligned with their mandates.”

Brandon has personally funded over $3 billion in commercial mortgage transactions throughout his career, and is celebrating his 13th year with Canada ICI. “If there’s an investment case to be made with real estate, we will find the best solution available, or create a product to do it,” he says. “That’s what we do. We’re not afraid to create opportunities.”

Brandon explained how the firm is able to exceed $3.5 billion in financial transactions per year. “We are consistently the highest-volume, pure third-party mortgage originators in the market.


We’re pushing the best solution for our clients whether it’s one of our managed accounts or a product available in the market.

That’s the biggest difference with Canada ICI, compared to other firms. They’re not an alternative financing option.

Rather, they architect solutions.

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