November 1, 2023

Saeid Khan at Canada ICI. A Game-Changing Focus on Team Development

Throwing Out the Old Playbook

Traditionally, commercial real estate financing has operated like a solo sport. Brokers in the same company often find themselves competing against each other, leading to a culture that prioritizes individual wins over collective success. It can be a dog-eat-dog world out there, making it challenging to foster professional growth and make the impact one intended when they embarked on their career.

Canada ICI has always championed a culture of teamwork and collective success. This approach has set it apart from other organizations in the industry. As the business evolves, Canada ICI bolsters its culture of “we” with the appointment of Saeid Khan as Regional Managing Director.

From Player to Coach

Meet Saeid Khan. He brings a panoramic perspective to the commercial real estate financing landscape. Before joining the Canada ICI team, he achieved top sales at CoStar Group and was a high-performing broker in Vancouver. He’s been an advisor, a sales leader, and a broker—Saeid has seen the industry from nearly every angle.

Saeid understands what young commercial real estate professionals go through every day—he’s not only walked in their shoes but has succeeded in every role the industry has thrown at him. Saeid’s perspective isn’t about commissions or solely about hitting KPIs; it’s about caring about the right things. He’s built his career on principles of discipline, integrity, and a deep focus on relationship-building. The success (and the money) comes afterward.

Whether we’re talking about our team members, borrowers or lenders within the industry – it’s about building a connection and truly caring about the people behind the business in order to be invested in their success, both personally and professionally.

–Saeid Khan

Bringing a Tried and Tested Formula to Canada ICI

Drawing from a career formula he developed and successfully applied to his own career, Saeid brings a multi-pronged plan to benefit those on the mortgage origination team at Canada ICI.

Environment rather than motivation: Saeid says motivation is fleeting, but focusing on developing a conducive and safe environment is what creates sustainable, long-term success. He plans to prioritize open communication, a culture of recognition, and provide ample opportunities for professional growth. The aim? To foster a sense of ownership, belonging, and purpose among team members. Remember what brought Saeid success in his own career? It’s about caring about the right things.

Discipline and Accountability: Rather than seeing discipline as a constraint, Saeid views it as a liberating force that empowers one to do one’s best work. With clear goal-setting, defined processes, and a culture of accountability, discipline under Saeid’s leadership becomes your roadmap to success. This structured approach aligns one’s individual efforts with team goals, setting a high-performing culture as the norm and allowing one to excel without second-guessing each step.

I view discipline as a key driver to sustaining a high-performing culture. Staying focused on doing the right things at the right time with consistency every single day is where incremental change turns into really big results.

–Saeid Khan

Professional Development: Under Saeid’s oversight, Canada ICI team members can expect comprehensive development programs focusing on skill enhancement, leadership training, and industry-specific certifications. These programs are designed to foster a culture of continuous learning and career advancement.

Recognition and Collaboration: Saeid aims to implement recognition programs that celebrate both individual and team achievements. Additionally, he intends to establish cross-functional collaboration initiatives and diversity and inclusion programs, ensuring that the work culture is as inclusive as it is innovative.

How do we know if his formula is successful? He wants to see the long-term, sustainable impact of Canada ICI’s commercial real estate efforts. He looks to ensure growth, happiness, and well-being for the people building their careers at the organization. That’s what success looks like.

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