October 30, 2018

Sculpted by Investors, For Investors

Canada ICI’s Asset Management Group (AMG) has developed and shaped its own identity over the last decade, growing and expanding in concert with its origination peers. Though both lines of business have different areas of focus, they share the same values — performing with the highest level of client focus, integrity, excellence, accuracy, and creativity.

Vice President of Canada ICI’s AMG, William Yu, describes the AMG business in more detail and how the pillars of the organization’s growth are built alongside their origination business. The synergistic nature of these two lines of business represents an offering to investors that is truly unique to the marketplace.

Administer, Manage, and Advise

Institutional investors look to the Asset Management Group to fulfill three fundamental needs: to administer, manage, and advise in the best interest of their investors. William helps us understand these key needs in more detail.

“The benefit of working with the AMG group is twofold. We have a very mature and robust mortgage origination business in Canada ICI that perennially aggregates more product than any origination firm in the country, and a solid mortgage asset management group that can administer these loans,” William explains. Access to the largest volume originator in Canada is advantageous and gives investors ample choice of market-leading mortgage product across Canada. It allows investors to diversify their capital across more products and more markets, while depending on the same firm to be a trusted and proven mortgage servicer.

The depth of the origination volume has also resulted in a deep repository of experience, market knowledge, and best practices across a variety of asset classes and various Canadian markets for the AMG. “We are at the forefront of the mortgage market, and understand trends and patterns that will invariably shape the market for our investors. We’re using this data to help us build best practices to provide our investor clients a market-leading experience in working with us,” says William.

The Asset Management Group’s infrastructure, including its administration and servicing systems, allows investors to scale a sizeable mortgage platform. The effective management and safe administration of funds have been sculpted over the years to satisfy the most stringent requirements of the various pension funds, life insurance companies, and chartered banks that the AMG has worked with over the years. “Investors rely on our infrastructure to administer their investments on their behalf, which allows them to scale and grow their funds without the requirement to necessarily build out a mortgage asset management function,” William comments.

At a time where investment opportunities disappear as quickly as they appear, and good fund administration talent is increasingly harder to find, more investors are looking to Canada ICI’s AMG group to invest and oversee their investment dollars.

Built to Last

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