June 14, 2018

The Secret We All Know To Building Relationships

If there’s one piece of advice Marg Sebzda would give to aspiring commercial mortgage advisors, it would be to focus your energy on developing quality personal relationships with your clients. “You have to be a certain type of person. You become very close with your clients because you know what they’re doing, and you understand what they’re doing,” she explains. “You really dig into them. You understand their pressure points.”

Of course, professional relationship building isn’t exactly a breeze for everyone. “You need to have an outgoing personality and understand relationship building to be able to work in this field,” Marg says. “If you’re uncomfortable working with people, this isn’t the business for you.”

Sometimes, certain business relationships blossom into personal friendship with your client. “I have some relationships that I’ve had ever since I started working here,” Marg explains.


When you are at it long enough, business relationships turn into long-lasting friendships.

Marg definitely sees an evolution in terms of the way her generation and her younger colleagues use technology to stay in touch with clients, and cautions against the reactive and dependent nature of it. “A lot of these young guys are compelled to respond to people right away. Our guys are always plugged in. Whether it’s evenings or weekends — they never disconnect. I wish they’d focus on being a bit more balanced and appreciate that you can miss out on the important things in life if you’re always connected.”

Marg does see one vital common thread between how the younger and older generations of Canada ICI employees go about building relationships, and it’s probably the most important aspect of all.


Everybody here is focused on honesty and integrity, and being there for their clients.

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