February 3, 2022

Sense of Ownership and Empowerment are Keys to Success

Canada ICI announces two new partners, Brent Magnan and Chase Allen, to its shareholder group. Both share their insights on their journey and how the culture and values of the company encourage career growth and leadership development.

Canada ICI has become one of the country’s largest commercial mortgage origination firms. It is built on strong values and culture and backed by some of Canada’s best brokers. Over the past 30 years, they have evolved as an industry leader by encouraging team over individual and the constant pursuit of personal and professional growth and development.

Brent Magnan and Chase Allen both say that their careers started with the ability to have room to grow both their respective careers as brokers, all within the safety net and team environment unique to Canada ICI.

Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and the unique talents of their brokers not only supports individual success but that of their cohorts and positive outcomes for the clients they serve.

“We’re setting the bar higher for what a broker can bring to the table, and I think it’s very different from any other firm on the market,” says Magnan.

It goes beyond real estate. It’s about helping people to grow their careers and their organizations, and I think that is very rewarding and exciting.

Brent Magnan

Allen and Magnan agree that working at Canada ICI is an excellent opportunity for young people who are just starting their careers, noting that if you have the right work ethic and mindset, you can go far in a short time. 

“At Canada ICI, there is a lot of opportunity for growth. If you come in and are motivated to learn the business, you’re curious, and you’re willing to work hard, there is no reason why you couldn’t be one of the top brokers in the country in just a matter of a few years. It is an incredible opportunity for someone just starting their career in real estate,” says Magnan.

While neither may have experienced a straight line to get to where they are today, their time at Canada ICI has been anything but boring. It has afforded them many opportunities to advance their careers and grow others.

Both Allen and Magnan are proof of the growth that one can experience when being part of an organization that is good at cultivating talent. 

“Their appointment as partners aligns with the maturation of our organization. A new generation of organizational leaders – that are developing future leaders – underpins who we are as a company,” says managing partner Brandon Kot.

“They are at the top of their game professionally, and have so much more to contribute,” says Kot. “Their ability to impart their personal and professional values on to the next generation of leaders is what I’m most excited about.”

Doug Milne, a managing partner from the Calgary office, says that becoming a partner recognizes everything that Allen and Magnan bring to the table. 

The inclusion to partnership is in recognition of the type of person you are – not the type of person we want you to become. And it’s not done for any other reason than we believe our company is stronger with you than without you.

Doug Milne

Both Milne and Kot agree that along with being excellent leaders, one of the critical things that makes Allen and Magnan a good fit for partnership is they see themselves as part of a collective unit.

They’ve proven themselves over the last seven to ten years to be doing things that are in the best interests of the organization. They are committed, loyal, and have consistently gone the extra mile.

Brandon Kot

“I think one of the ways our brokers have set themselves apart is their level of execution and their ability to drive a transaction. Regardless of your role, we all have a sense of ownership in the transaction that goes beyond just purely finding the mortgage and giving them a term sheet,” says Allen.

This sense of ownership makes Canada ICI stand out from other brokerage firms in the country – mortgage experts who are part of a national contingent and see success as a shared outcome, helping each other and their clients achieve favourable results.

They do so with a high level of integrity and professionalism. It can be a challenge to find brokers with the dedication and drive crucial for one’s success in the finance industry – and Canada ICI is always looking for outstanding young talent to add to their team of brokers. 

This sentiment and others like it have Canada ICI shaping the cityscapes of every major centre across Canada and the up and coming leaders.

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