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  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Alberta
Mortgage Experts

Marvin Ngambage

Senior Director, Mortgage Origination


Marvin Ngambage joined Canada ICI in 2017 after successfully completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Alberta.

Since joining Canada ICI, Marvin has thrived under the guidance of Canada ICI’s leadership, assisting in the structuring and funding of numerous commercial mortgage financing transactions across various asset classes.

In early 2020, Marvin relocated to Ontario to support the growth of Canada ICI’s Ottawa office. Looking ahead, Marvin is excited to continue servicing clients and nurturing relationships with lenders and industry partners.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because of the nuanced nature of each transaction, which makes for a dynamic work experience. 

I believe the keys to success are consistency, maintaining an inquisitive mind, and fostering an environment that encourages continued growth. 

What I like most about working at CICI is the fact that our team is comprised of high-performance individuals who inspire excellence amongst one another. 

I am motivated by success in all aspects of life including family, business, and health.  

My personal core value in life and business is to always focus on building the right set of habits and the results will follow. 

Canada ICI Capital Corporation, Licence FSRAO #12525
Mortgage Agent Level 2


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