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  • Executive MBA (EMBA) - ESG UQAM
  • Association of Quebec Women in Finance
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Cristina Gutan

Director, Mortgage Underwriting


Cristina’s professional journey, spanning over a decade, has taken her through various facets of the banking sector. Starting in a teller’s role, she seamlessly progressed through customer service and credit analysis, eventually assuming the position of Chief of Staff. 

Over the past seven years, Cristina has immersed herself in the vibrant world of real estate financing within Canada’s largest banks, focusing on both residential and commercial real estate. Beginning her journey as an underwriter, she steadily ascended to senior positions, managing a team of ten analysts and honing her expertise in this dynamic field.

Cristina’s unwavering passion for real estate fuels her eagerness to delve even deeper into this domain. In her role as Director of Mortgage Underwriting at Canada ICI, she seeks to deepen her understanding and contribute innovatively to its evolution.

I joined CICI because  I was impressed by the passionate and highly professional team, whose dedication and expertise resonate with my own values and aspirations.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because I love diving into the numerical complexity, and meticulously evaluating collateral’s strengths and weaknesses.

I believe the keys to success are hard work, enthusiasm, and desire to succeed.

I am proud of being able to start life from scratch here in Canada while being well-established in my home country and surpassing even my parents’ expectations of this endeavour.

If you ask about me, my colleagues would say that I am a professional, deeply dedicated to my work, and demonstrate unwavering passion in every task.

The best part of my day is when I have my coffee in the morning when the rest of the family is sleeping.

My personal core values are transparency, collaboration, and professionalism.


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