Mortgage Experts

Mortgage Experts

Jade Baron

Mortgage Analyst


Jade recently joined Canada ICI as part of her internship and is finishing her Bachelor of Finance degree at the University of Sherbrooke.

Her internships at Desjardins and National Bank inspired her to continue in finance. The current internship at Canada ICI will allow her to develop her knowledge of commercial mortgages and leverage her analytical side to solve challenges.

She is passionate, committed and flexible, therefore can adapt to any situation. Jade has intuitive interpersonal skills and versatility, making building client relationships easier.

I believe the keys to success are awareness, communication, dependability and honesty. With these values, you can ensure client trust.

If you ask about me, my colleagues would say that I am a hardworking individual and a team player who thrives in helping the company achieve new levels.

My strengths are decision-making, meeting deadlines and working well under pressure.

I am looking forward to joining ICI and learning enough to be able to make a difference.

The best part of my day is when we finish a project and have put in the greatest effort possible to finalize it and know that the client is fully satisfied. For me, this signifies a job well done.


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