Mortgage Experts

Certifications and Memberships

  • Bachelor of Commerce - McGill University
  • Bachelor of Arts - Université de Montréal
Mortgage Experts

Dimitri-Alexander Schürch

Mortgage Analyst


Prior to joining the team at Canada ICI as a mortgage analyst, Dimitri-Alexander owned a business and managed it for five years while attending school. He gained experience in finance during a summer position with Hatley Capital Partners working as a capital market analyst. Dimitri-Alexander holds two degrees, one in finance and one in philosophy. Both of these were completed while he launched his own business. Now at Canada ICI, Dimitri-Alexander works to source, structure, and manage high-quality commercial mortgages for this firm’s clients.

I joined CICI because I have always been interested in real estate finance, and this is a great opportunity to learn about the industry.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because it affects individuals and communities more directly than public markets and most alternative asset classes.

I believe the keys to success are dedication, working well with others, and having an entrepreneurial drive.

I am proud of completing two degrees while launching my own business at the same time.

I am looking forward to being a part of CICI Montréal’s expansion and learning useful skills in the commercial real estate industry.


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