Asset Management Group

Certifications and Memberships

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Finance - University of Alberta
  • Certificate in Real Estate - University of Alberta
Asset Management Group

Evan Klutke

Analyst, Portfolio Management


Evan joined Canada ICI in January 2024 after graduating from the University of Alberta with a major in Finance and a Certificate in Real Estate.

His academic background and practical experience position him for excellence within the Portfolio Management team at Canada ICI.

Evan takes pride in contributing to group achievements, leveraging his attention to detail, accuracy, and open-minded approach to collaboration. Fascinated by the versatility of the commercial real estate industry, he looks forward to adding value to Canada ICI’s dynamic environment, contributing to the ongoing growth and accomplishments of the company.

I am looking forward to being able to learn from, and work alongside industry experts and leverage this knowledge to contribute to the company’s success.

I am motivated by collaborating with colleagues to reach the end goal. I take pride in productivity and believe in always putting my best foot forward to promote the group’s growth and success. 

My strengths are problem-solving, attention to detail, accuracy, and open-mindedness. 

What I find fascinating is the versatility of the commercial real estate industry. The industry requires adaptability and a willingness to learn to maintain the long-term success of the firm.

I joined CICI because they are constantly evolving within a dynamic industry. Canada ICI promotes creativity which creates a constantly changing workday that keeps me engaged and motivated.