Jon Veerman

National Director of Mortgage Underwriting


Jon joined Canada ICI in April 2018, having years of experience in commercial real estate sales and mortgage financing.

As the National Director of Mortgage Underwriting, he leads the mortgage underwriting team, working closely with brokers to ensure we provide our clients with best-in-class service.

In addition to leading new underwriting initiatives and managing the underwriting team, Jon is experienced in structuring various types of mortgage facilities over all asset classes. Brokers and underwriters lean upon him to finance in excess of $5 billion of mortgages annually.

I joined CICI because of the people. During my professional experience, I have not come across a more collaborative group of like-minded, hard-working people.

I believe the keys to success are doing what you love and surrounding yourself with good people.

I have my sights set on growing the Canada ICI underwriting team across the country, sharing my knowledge and strengthening the ICI brand.

What I find fascinating is the world economy, human behaviour, and how one day my golf score can be 81 and the next day it is 95.

Jonathan (Jon) Veerman
Canada ICI Capital Corporation, Licence FSRAO #12525
Mortgage Agent Level 2


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