Asset Management Group

Asset Management Group

Kelle Saraya

Senior Mortgage Servicing Administrator


Kelle joined Canada ICI in 2021. Involved in the daily administration and management of advances, interest billing, discharges and loan servicing, he has recently taken on a senior role. Kelle has over five years of experience in both the financing and marketing sectors, with a very strong customer service background.

I joined CICI because there is room for growth and development. I’m also a firm believer in their 3 core values: expertise, acumen and integrity.

I believe the keys to success are hard work, determination, goal setting, time management, self-confidence and most importantly the understanding that there is always more to learn, regardless of how much you may already know.

I have my sights set on continually learning about Canada ICI and its processes in both asset management and mortgage origination. I believe it’s important to understand the roles and duties of my colleagues in order to be successful in my position, now and in the future.

I am motivated by the constant drive to learn and develop on both a personal and professional level.  Most importantly, my children are my biggest motivation. They’re my driving force through any challenges I may face.

The best part of my day is after work when I see my wife and children. Regardless of any stresses or hurdles I may have had, they’re all forgotten the moment I walk through that door.