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  • BBA in Finance - NAIT
Mortgage Experts

Andrew Brander

Senior Analyst, CMHC


Andrew transferred to Canada ICI as a Senior Analyst in the CMHC department in 2022, after three years of dedication as a Financial Analyst at the Canada ICI-affiliated lender, Sector Mortgage. While learning the ropes of the commercial mortgage industry and underwriting various types of loans, as a full-time analyst, he also completed his BBA in Finance online through NAIT.

Andrew had initially applied for a funding position at Canada ICI where he was, instead offered the job at Sector Mortgage. He feels it’s like a “full-circle” to be joining Canada ICI at this time.


I joined Canada ICI because the company is growing, and many exciting things are happening here.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because it is an exciting and dynamic industry.

I believe the keys to success are hard work, genuine enthusiasm, and the willingness to learn and grow continuously.

I am looking forward to growing with the company in my career and finding new ways to contribute and add value.

What I like most about working at Canada ICI are its positive culture and friendly environment.