Asset Management Group

Asset Management Group

Lee Ann Nicholson-Miller

Licensing and Compliance Officer


I joined Canada ICI in June 2021, and have worked for over 15 years in regulatory, licensing, and financial services environments, predominantly in the insurance industry. My experience contributes to ensuring compliance with provincial and federal regulatory bodies by analyzing, interpreting, and implementing general, technical, and governmental regulations.

I joined CICI because I was drawn in by the enthusiasm, team spirit, and professionalism of the company. I was excited by the opportunity to work with and learn from such a professional group of individuals.

I believe the keys to success are a strong work ethic, discipline, and the continued pursuit of knowledge. There is an opportunity to discover something new in every situation.

I am motivated by a good challenge, refining my skills, and making a positive impact in the lives of people around me.

I am working towards challenging myself to develop my potential and grow on a professional level.

My personal core values are to be authentic, laugh every day, enjoy my family, and be compassionate.