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  • Bachelor of Arts and Science - Queen’s University
Experts en prêts hypothécaires

Brody Cross

Senior Director, Mortgage Origination


Brody is a client-focused professional with extensive experience in commercial real estate finance.

He has demonstrated success in sourcing, structuring, and financing real estate investments for large and mid-market clients.

With a proven track record of over $1.5 billion in loans across major cities in Canada and the United States, Brody’s dedication to exceptional service and results-driven approach makes him a trusted partner for real estate developers, investors, and asset managers.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because it allows me to delve into the intricate dynamics of property markets, negotiate complex deals, and contribute to the development of communities through innovative financing solutions.

I believe the keys to success are planned and then executed. Anticipating challenges and capitalizing on opportunities thereby ensures one’s progress toward desired outcomes.

What I find fascinating is the interplay between creativity and the strategy of real estate. It’s a field where developers craft visions that reshape skylines and communities, while financiers meticulously structure deals to bring these visions to life.

I am motivated by navigating complex transactions and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles with the potential to have a legacy which is seen and experienced through the built environment.

I am looking forward to seeing more developments come to fruition, and witnessing the tangible results of planning, decision-making, and collaborative effort as properties take shape.

Canada ICI Capital Corporation, Licence FSRAO n°12525
Agent en hypotheques niveau 1


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