Experts en prêts hypothécaires

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  • Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting, University of Alberta
Experts en prêts hypothécaires

Caitlyn Sommerville

Directeur associé, Émission de prêts hypothécaires


Caitlyn joined Canada ICI in 2016, after graduating from the University of Alberta. Caitlyn has had many roles at Canada ICI including compiling market research, underwriting deals, developing loan proposals, facilitating funding across all asset classes, and is currently working as an Associate brokering commercial mortgage loans.

I joined CICI’s finance team in 2016 after graduating with a commerce degree, major in Accounting. It was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of commercial real estate finance but I soon realized my interests were better suited to other areas of the company. The CEO offered me a new and exciting opportunity which I readily accepted. I have since been able to experience different areas of the business which has led me to my current position as a Mortgage Associate on the Brokerage team.

I like working in commercial real estate finance because it is a dynamic industry with new challenges and opportunities arising daily.

Working at CICI has taught me how to embrace the chaos during busy periods and persevere through the slower times. All the while, maintaining a positive attitude as I continuously broaden my knowledge and understanding of the industry.

What I like most about working at CICI is the team atmosphere and continuous support from coworkers. From companywide phone calls, to quick in-person conversations, it is reassuring to know someone is always available to bounce ideas off of and provide assistance.

My favorite part of my role is applying my services and experience throughout the life of a project. I enjoy working with clients on projects that grow from an idea, to seeing it on paper and then developed into a fully occupied structure. Each client’s approach is unique and that allows me to adapt my services in a way to best fit the needs of the client.

The management team here has a good eye for people that will excel on the brokerage side of the business.


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