Ressources humaine

Ressources humaine

Clare Graham

Human Resources Coordinator


Clare Graham joined Canada ICI in 2023 after completing her Bachelor of Commerce Degree at MacEwan University with a major in Human Resources (HR) and is currently working towards her designation as a Chartered Professional (CPHR). Her passion for recruitment stems from her belief that creating a strong team, creates a successful business.

Clare’s experience in HR began in the health industry which sparked her interest and pursuit of a career in the field. She also has an extensive past in the service industry and fine dining, where she excelled in a fast-paced, team environment and was known for her dedication to helping others. 

Since joining Canada ICI, Clare’s commitment to furthering her knowledge in all areas of commercial real estate and making a positive impact on the team has been recognized. She looks forward to growth and development as an HR professional and contributing to the success of Canada ICI in the future.

I believe the keys to success are having a strong work ethic, passion for what you do and maintaining consistency.

I am motivated by a great work environment. A positive, collaborative and supportive environment where everyone shares the same end goal can have a huge impact.

My strengths are my organizational, interpersonal and teamwork skills.

I am working towards my CPHR designation.

The best part of my day is when I can positively impact others. Helping others and making their day easier or better, is always rewarding.