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  • Honours Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Psychology – University of Ottawa
Groupe gestion d’actifs

Jaclynn Smith

Mortgage Funding Administrator


Before working at Canada ICI, Jaclynn’s most recent position entailed 3+ years in Property Management Administration, preceded by four years at Alberta Blue Cross. In addition to the administrative tools necessary to learn during her undergraduate degree, she spent the last 15+ years working in a few key roles that fine-tuned her administrative & customer service skillset.

I believe the keys to success are an intrinsic motivation for personal learning and excellence, supportive collaboration amongst team members, and a commitment to balancing work and home life.

If you ask about me, my colleagues would say that I can be light-hearted and humorous, but I am also very meticulous and diligent when necessary.

What I find fascinating is how small and subtle details, in any given scenario can affect such significant changes in outcome and perception.

I am motivated by the opportunity to apply my educational background to my current role at Canada ICI

I am looking forward to expanding and strengthening my current knowledge base in the commercial mortgage financing industry.