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  • Bachelor of Science, MacEwan University
Groupe gestion d’actifs

Alannah Hanrahan

Analyst, Portfolio Management


Alannah began her journey at Canada ICI in 2022, initially contributing her experience to the Funding department. With a background spanning government communications, telecommunications, and sales, she transitioned smoothly to her current role as an Analyst on the Portfolio Management team.

In her current role, Alannah leverages her skills in financial analysis to evaluate investment opportunities and assess portfolio performance. Specializing in CMHC underwriting, she navigates the complexities of mortgage financing to ensure the viability and profitability of investment ventures. Alannah excels in providing comprehensive investor-specific and portfolio-wide reporting, synthesizing vast amounts of financial data into concise and actionable insights for stakeholders. She also conducts proforma analysis, using predictive modelling techniques to optimize investment strategies and maximize returns while minimizing risks.

Dedicated to meticulous analysis and strategic foresight, Alannah remains committed to advancing Canada ICI’s mission and ensuring success for its clients, stakeholders, and investors.

I believe the keys to success are staying true to my values, maintaining authenticity, and engaging in spirited teamwork. When we hold our values close to us through our work, we will maintain quality and integrity in our outcomes.

My personal core values are honesty in the face of hardship, showing up in an authentic way, and persevering through times of uncertainty.

My strengths are my strong communication skills, level-headedness, and my drive to seek the best outcome. When we can rely on each other and showcase our strengths in a team setting, we are stronger as a unit.

I am motivated by navigating new learning opportunities, making a real change through my work and accomplishments, and connecting with people in a genuine way.

In working with Canada ICI, I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn from the best about commercial real estate and the ins and outs of the industry.