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  • Bachelor of Commerce - University of Alberta
Groupe gestion d’actifs

Josh Delcioppo

Mortgage Funding Administrator


Josh Delcioppo joined Canada ICI in 2023 as a Mortgage Funding Administrator. Before this position, he completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Alberta with a major in Finance and a minor in Business Economics and Law. Through schooling, he developed a passion for finance and a strong interest in the commercial real estate industry. He is excited to learn more about the intricacies of commercial real estate from experienced professionals.

I joined CICI because its values of expertise, acumen, and integrity align with my own core values. I have developed an interest in the real estate market through schooling, and my background, and the company has many learning and growth opportunities.

I believe the keys to success are fully applying yourself to the task at hand, having integrity when facing challenges and learning from the people around you.

What I find fascinating is the way interpersonal relationships play an important role in the financial industry. Whether it be networking with individuals with complementary interests or communicating with industry professionals, relationships in all capacities can be strong forces of positive growth.

I am motivated by setting and working hard to achieve my goals. Conversations with others allow me to refine what I want to achieve and better understand the path to success.

I am looking forward to learning all I can about the commercial mortgage industry and applying my coursework. I am excited to speak to professionals with different backgrounds and experiences to thrive in my position.


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