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  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Finance Specialization and Real Estate Minor – John Molson School of Business, University of Concordia
Mortgage Experts

Kristopher Bohuslav

Mortgage Analyst


Kristopher discovered his passion for the real estate industry through his studies, which inspired him to join Canada ICI as a Mortgage Analyst in April 2024.

With a strong educational background in finance and real estate, over a decade of exceptional customer service experience, and five years in account management, Kristopher brings a diverse skill set and a solid foundation for success. In his current role, he leverages his analytical skills and industry knowledge to support the team and contribute to the company’s success.

I joined CICI to acquire knowledge and collaborate with adept professionals within the commercial real estate sector.

I believe the keys to success are being passionate about your work, discipline and striving for excellence.

I am motivated by my eagerness to learn about all the different commercial real estate transactions, strengthening my analytical skills and teamwork.

I am looking forward to reaching my full potential as an analyst, playing a part in various projects, and creating lasting relationships in the commercial real estate industry.

The best part of my day is the bliss of the smell and the first sip of my morning coffee.


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