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  • BComm in Finance at Concordia University
  • MSc in Finance at Concordia
Mortgage Experts

Michael Spina

Mortgage Analyst


Michael joins Canada ICI as a Mortgage Analyst, where he manages and coordinates the funding process, structures mortgage opportunities, and looks after high-quality commercial mortgages for our clients.

He brings to CICI his past experience as a Mutual Fund Analyst at CI Financial and Senior Risk Management Analyst at the National Bank of Canada.

From a young age, Michael knew he wanted to pursue a career that would combine critical thinking with business.

In 2020, he graduated with honours with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance at Concordia University. Given his spirit of inquiry and love of learning, Michael decided to pursue a Master of Science in Finance at Concordia, where he specialized in Real Estate and Economics.


I like working in commercial real estate finance because; to uncover the needs of the investors and provide appropriate advice, you must have an investor mindset. Because this industry is rapidly evolving and changing, you must be dedicated to constant learning. You’ll need a growth mentality because part of your job will be to inspire your team to achieve great results.

I believe the key to success is understanding that great things are accomplished by a series of small things brought together.

My personal core values are to do what you feel passionate about; nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks, never live in a comfort zone, and always move forward.


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